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Dr Sangeetha Makielan

Adult and Child Psychiatrist Psychotherapist
Experienced adult and child psychiatrist and psychotherapist

Feel heard, understood, and supported in a safe, calm environment 

Dr. Sangeetha Makielan has extensive specialist training in adult and child psychiatry and psychotherapy and works collaboratively with individuals and families to offer a holistic approach to mental health, in the heart of Sydney, Australia

Psychotherapy (talk therapy)

Whether you’re struggling with stress, feeling anxious, or overwhelmed by life, it can really help to talk it through. I’m not here to judge or offer a quick fix. I’m your even-keel and trusted confidant, here to help you work through the worry. 


Adult Psychiatry

If you’re suffering with mental health, emotional or behavioural conditions or disorders, you’re in the right place. As a specialist clinician, I am qualified and experienced to diagnose and offer medical advice as well as therapeutic solutions.




Perinatal Psychiatry

I provide complete prenatal and postnatal assessment and intervention for women with mental health concerns. Gain advice on preconception, get medication reviewed, access couple therapy, infant mental health, and more.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


In this fast-paced modern world, children are searching for belonging. I take a holistic and respectful approach to child and adolescent mental health. I provide comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment with a strong focus on early intervention

It’s great to meet you


Yes, there’s often a quick medical fix to most challenges but I’m here to find a healthier long-term solution. As we relax, talk and the pieces of the puzzle fit into place, we will come up with a plan together.


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