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Young Man in Therapy

"Individual and family preferences and beliefs are always taken into consideration when making decisions about prescribing"


My Approach

Let’s find what works for you

My passion is working collaboratively with patients, taking a holistic approach to psychiatry, and achieving the best outcomes for children, adults, and families. I believe I can best support individuals and their families with early intervention coupled with optimally integrated psychotherapy and medication. 


Individual and family preferences and beliefs are always taken into consideration when making decisions about prescribing. A comprehensive psychiatric assessment aims to find options for support and treatment that extend beyond prescribing medications. 


Our professional relationship will be based firmly on respect, trust, and commitment. Together, in a safe, welcoming space, we will talk through options at every stage to ensure you’re confident in the support and treatment I’m providing.

Therapy Office


I am fully trained and experienced in multiple psychotherapy modalities and provide short-term, medium-term and long-term psychotherapy. 


I believe early intervention in mental health coupled with optimally integrated psychotherapy and medication is the best way forward for most patients. Sometimes it’s easier to receive both medication and therapy from the same practitioner, other times it’s better to split these two roles. 

With 15+ years of expert training, experience, and empathy, I connect and help my patients to make sense of their suffering through talk therapy, assessment, and find a way forward. Everyone’s journey is different and so each session is personalised to ensure effectiveness. With a wealth of experience, I connect, analyse, and then allow my experience and knowledge to steer patients towards a healthy, balanced path.


There is plenty of evidence that a combination of medication and therapy can provide adequate relief and support for people facing mental health challenges. 

I can advise you on the full range of pharmacological options (medications) available, including the most modern antidepressants, mood stabilisers, antipsychotics or anxiolytic medication (anxiety medications). Medication is also available for problems such as ADHD or insomnia.


I prescribe medication only when necessary and will always be honest about its part-role in treatment. The rest of the solution comes from talk therapy, changing a person’s environment, lifestyle, routine, and habits.


I always provide a comprehensive overview of the benefits and any side effects, as well as support any decision a patient may make in terms of weaning off or taking a break from medication.

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